Rihanna’s Illuminati Coats – Countless Animals Killed In Cold Blood!

Yousignanimals.org report that about 50 animals are killed in cold blood to make Rihanna’s Illuminati coats and that the self-acclaimed Illuminati member has refused to stop wearing real fur despite the fact that over.

This is what Rihanna chose to wear to the Met Gala in New York City. A luxurious dress made out of fur that caught everyone’s attention – for all the wrong reasons.

Rihanna illuminati fur coat 1

In case you did not know, over 50 animals were electrocuted or skinned alive to make that single piece of clothing. Rihanna did not seem to have a problem with it, as she proudly posed for photos in front of anxious and cheerful paparazzi, who could be heard shouting “Rihanna, come this way” or “Rihanna, move over here!”

Most of the world’s fur comes from China, where animals are specifically bred for this purpose. These innocent creatures are condemned to a life of utter misery. They spend their days in dirty, tiny kennels, with no food or water; they do not receive any medical attention and they are usually pounded in the head, simply crushed or skinned alive for their fur – when it is time for the production process to start.

This is what Rihanna is supporting. The singer from Barbados has a passion for wearing luxurious fur pelts. She is regularly seen draped in fur.

Rihanna is setting an extremely bad example for all of her fans that look up to her. She should be a role model of today’s and next generation; instead, she is condoning the inhumane treatment of millions of animals. Alternative, non-cruel apparel that is much more fashionable than fur is always available.

Rihanna Illuminati fur coat 1

But since Rihanna has proven countless times she does not care about the lives of thousands of animals that are put down for their fur, please sign the petition and take the pledge to boycott Rihanna’s Anti-world tour, which is in full swing at the moment.

If you have tickets to the Anti-world tour, please ditch them and pledge not to attend the show. If you are planning to buy a ticket, just forget it! It’s not worth it!

Please boycott Rihanna and her world tour and let us show the singer the hard way that harming animals for the sake of fashion should not be condoned!


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